Our Leadership Programmes are the heart of our work.  Training and developing future Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic role models for communities and environmental ambassadors for the sector.

Leaders are fully equipped to safely develop and lead sustainable environmental/outdoor initiatives bespoke to their community needs.  Who better to lead than someone within the community who has both in depth understanding and a relationship with members?

Our Leadership Model

1. Gain skills and National Governing Body Awards in a range of outdoor activities.


Qualifications on offer include:

  • Sports Leaders UK Lowland Walk Leadership
  • Sports Leaders UK Lowland Expedition Leadership
  • Mountain Training UK Hill & Moorland Leader
  • Mountain Training UK Mountain Leader
  • Outdoor 1st Aid
  • MIDAS: Minibus driving
  • Cycle Ride Leader, Cycle Trainer, Cycle Trainer Assistant
  • Velotech Bike Maintenance
  • John Muir Award
  • Bushcraft
  1. Leadership in the outdoors. Participants learn how to design, facilitate and evaluate initiatives for a variety of community groups, including their own. Examples.
  1. Personal Journey. Through new experiences, expeditions and challenges in the outdoors, participants grow in their potential.  Working alongside others from diverse backgrounds provides opportunities for participants to explore their own values.
  1. Organisational development. How to safely include outdoor/environmental activities into constitutions and the structure of organisations.  This includes administration and legal requirements to safeguard groups and staff/volunteers.
  1. Conservation Volunteering. Embedded in all strands of our leadership model is learning about nature and how to protect it.  We do this through hands-on conservation work with our partners and the John Muir Award.

This is where you can find video presentations created by participants

We offer bespoke initiatives alongside our menu of services