About Us

About Us

Backbone aims to entice and excite people of all backgrounds and abilities to experience the magic of our natural world. In doing so we form a bond with nature and find a desire to protect it.

Backbone is here to address barriers that prevent all sectors of our community to access the great outdoors and all that it has to offer. A powerful playground and educational tool for everyone to enjoy.

We do this by providing opportunities for Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic and marginalised communities to form relationships with the outdoor/environmental sector. Our experiential methods provide a safe and comfortable space for people and organisations to come together to share commonalities and celebrate uniqueness.

All of our activities provide a Safe Space both physically and psychologically, allowing participants to BE themselves without having to compromise personal values, needs and faith.  We offer:

  • Halal or suitable vegetarian/vegan food
  • Exclusive use accommodation when required
  • The freedom to wear what you want
  • Time and personal space for prayer and reflection

We offer bespoke initiatives alongside our menu of services