Leaders for Change Training Academy

Leaders for Change Training Academy

Following on from the Symposium:
Changing Landscapes – Actioning Change June 2021

The Leaders for Change – Training Academy (LFCTA). Based on our core values:

  • Genuine Intention
  • Trust and Integrity
  • For the Direct Benefit of All Communities

Black, Asian, and Ethnic members and organisations have told us they would welcome further mentoring, training, qualifications, and organisational support. Sector organisations have come forward offering training, qualifications, internships, jobs, volunteering, and pathways to employment. The LFCTA will bring this jigsaw together to change the landscape of our industry through action that is led by us… the collective.

Our commitment to this process is to listen, appropriately challenge, highlight blind spots and ACTION CHANGE through offering:

100% access and support for Black, Asian, and Ethnic members to FREE training and qualifications, to include where possible support with travel and resources. This will be shaped by identified needs to include and not limited to:
  • Outdoor 1st Aid
  • Teaching & leadership skills
  • Navigation and mountain safety
  • Cycle coaching & maintenance
  • Water sports
  • Rural skills; farming, agriculture etc
  • Nature Education; ecosystems, nature identification and ranger skills
Support the development of robust, safe, and sustainable outdoor organisations led by Black, Asian and Ethnic members offering mentoring so they can:
  • Access to funders and partners
  • Employ staff and resources
  • Develop safe operating systems
  • Choose an informed organisational structure suitable for their unique needs

Want to get involved?

Sector organisations the opportunity to embed ethnic diversity at all levels. The LFCTA will offer the space to meet, connect with and recruit talented, experienced, and qualified people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Sector organisations can:
  • Share what they have to offer
  • Develop sustainable partnerships
  • Recruit ambassadors, staff, volunteers, and board members
  • Increase knowledge and confidence in engaging with diverse groups and individuals

We offer bespoke initiatives alongside our menu of services