backbone is an environmental training organisation, established in 1995 by Pammy Johal to provide opportunities to marginalised groups, particularly Black and Minority Ethnic women. We design and deliver engaging environmental initiatives to encourage forward thinking and action on all issues pertinent to living and working in a diverse world. Influencing the way society perceives people from minority communities and organisations is the essence of what we do.


The magic of our work is in our approach… Our consultancy work provides the platform for unique partnerships based on genuine intention, mutual respect, trust and valuing difference. It’s the foundation of our bespoke programmes. We consult with each one of you to ensure that we have an indepth understanding of your environment/community; your organisation and your people’s needs.

We provide a safe and comfortable space for people and organisations to grow in their uniqueness and comfortably integrate into today’s diverse world.

backbone recognises that outdoor spaces are powerful playgrounds that can be utilised for recreation, health, social, education, personal and organisational development. We use the natural environment as our classroom together with group work and creative experiential sessions to encourage open and honest conversations and solutions.

We work with organisations and communities from all backgrounds and sectors, providing practical skills and confidence to support self led initiatives.